Frequently Asked Questions

Pool Builders

Having a personal backyard oaisis. Great for kids. Excellent for cooling off in summer heat.

The cost of building a pool typically starts at around $50,000 or more, depending on factors like the pool size, design complexity, additional features, and the region's construction costs.

The construction of a pool usually takes an average of 6-8 weeks from start to finish. However, the exact timeline may vary depending on factors like the size, design complexity, site preparation, weather conditions, and any necessary permit processes. Our experienced team will work efficiently to ensure a smooth and timely pool building process, keeping you informed at every stage.

Weekly maintenance recommended for chemical balancing. Filter cleaning recommended once a month.

Yes, through Viking Capital at

Yes we're a licensed commercial pool contractor that can build and service any pool in Florida.

Pool Installation

The best pool fits the preferences and lifestyle of the customer.

Installing energy efficient equipment such as variable speed pumps and properly sized equipment.

Lack of communication as well as overpromising and under delivering from the contractor.

Yes, but you must understand the codes, regulations, and proper construction techniques.

Yes, pools should come with a warranty. We provide a two-year warranty on everything.

Pool Remodeling

Depends on the scope of the work, but the first step would be obtaining a permit if the structure of the pool is changing.

The benefits outweigh the risks. The risks of remodeling are uncovering larger problems than what appears, such as discovering a cracked pool shell. In a case like this, a change order will have to be conducted to repair the shell before continuing the remodel.

2-10 weeks, depending on the scope of the remodel.

Frequent algae from a depreciated interior, outdated tile and pavers, leaking pool, and loud or expensive operation of pool equipment are only some of the reasons to remodel a pool.

Any time of the year, however, it is better in the winter so that the pool is swim-ready in the summertime to cool off.

Generally, a complete remodel of a standard pool costs between $30K and $50. However, remodeling prices differ substantially depending on the complexity of the project, the customer’s requests, and material selections.

To obtain an accurate estimate for your pool remodel, contact Great Escapes Custom Pools today. We’ll set up a free consultation.

Permits are only required if new steel is going to be introduced to the pool, as steel must be structurally approved and properly bonded. If you are planning to add steep to your pool via new steps, sun shelves, or benches (thus changing the layout of the pool), we’ll likely need to pursue a permit.

Inground Pools

The installation of an inground pool generally starts at $45K, with the average price falling between $80K and $100K. However, to provide you with an accurate estimate, the Great Escapes Custom Pools team will need to fully understand the scope of your desired project. Schedule your free consultation today.

We often recommend that homeowners install their pool over the winter months so that they’ll have it ready for use by the following summer. Early summer to early fall is generally the least favorable time to install inground pools, as Florida’s rainy season can trigger construction delays.

Pool installation timelines vary in length depending on the type and size of the pool, the overall complexity of the project, and unique design specifications. In most cases, the process takes between 6-8 weeks, although we push for under six weeks whenever possible.

For a more specific time estimate, reach out to Great Escapes Custom Pools. We’ll assess your project requirements and provide you with an accurate timeline. Our goal is always to under-promise and over-deliver, so you can expect us to finish on time (or earlier).