Pool Water Features

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Water features are a great way to add ambiance and luxury to your pool. From cascading waterfalls, bubbling fountains, and laminar jets to LED lighting that can transform your pool into a stunning nighttime retreat, there is no limit to the creative possibilities you can explore with water features. They also provide an excellent opportunity for exercise or relaxation depending on the type of feature you choose. With water features from Great Escapes Custom Pools, you can create an oasis in your backyard that will be sure to impress!

Types of Pool Water Features

Great Escapes Pool water features allow you to be creative and explore different looks for your pool that you wouldn't be able to do without them. You don't have to settle for an ordinary pool when you have the chance to make it extraordinary!



A swimming pool waterfall feature is one of the most beautiful and eye-catching additions you can make to your backyard oasis. Create a stunning focal point and a tranquil atmosphere for your pool that can be enjoyed day and night. With Great Escapes Custom Pools, you can customize the size, shape and color of your waterfall to perfectly fit your space.



Impress your guests and enjoy the soothing sound of water trickling over rocks. You can choose from a variety of features, like cascading tiers or raised pools that generate a lovely waterfall-like effect. It’s conversation piece between you and your friends that will also give you countless hours of pleasure from its calming presence.

Spillover Spas

Spillover Spas

Elevate your pool's aesthetics and functionality with our spillover spas. This feature allows warm, soothing water to flow seamlessly into your main pool. This feature also offers a visually captivating element and a perfect spot for relaxation.

Grottos and Caves

Grottos and Caves

Add a unique, luxurious touch to any backyard oasis with Great Escapes Custom Pools custom grottos and caves features that will bring atmosphere and ambience to your outdoor space. Enjoy the calming sound of water flowing from the cave entrance into the pool below.

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