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Remodeling a pool isn’t just about upgrading its aesthetics – it’s about creating a more effective system with the latest tools and features.

At Great Escapes Custom Pools, we help Tampa Bay homeowners make big and small changes to create a cleaner, more attractive pool setting. From design updates to installing energy-efficient pumps, we’ve got you covered.

Reach out to discuss your pool’s issues. Our team will provide professional recommendations to address the problems directly rather than cover them up. Then, we’ll oversee every step of the process until you’re satisfied with your pool’s updates.

Our Pool Remodeling Services

Resurfacing and Replastering

As Tampa Bay’s trusted pool resurfacers, we offer homeowners a wide range of options. Choose between dozens of beautiful colors and several interior types, such as quartz, pebble, and polished.

We also offer varying modes of installation to accommodate different renovation budgets. Some pool owners choose to remove the existing interior – others plaster over it. To help you pick the right installation for your situation, we’ll explain and advise you on all the available options.


Upgrading tile is a great way to spruce up your current swimming pool with minimal hassle. Inquire about pool retiling as a standalone service or in conjunction with a complete remodel.

Great Escapes Custom Pools offers a wide selection of tile types, including glass, porcelain, and stone. Share your vision with us, and we’ll present the best materials for your aesthetic and functional goals.

Automation and Technology

We’re not just pool experts – we’re licensed and certified Jandy Service Professionals. As a result, we can easily update or install automation features for your pool. We’ll make it possible to schedule water features, automatically turn valves, and operate equipment at a touch of a button.

Plumbing Updates

If your pool’s plumbing equipment hasn’t been updated in a decade, it’s time to make some changes. Upgrading to new equipment will improve the flow and function of your pool – and it may even save you money on maintenance and repair costs.

Our crew is vastly experienced in hydraulics. When we make plumbing updates, we also minimize cavitation, air bubbles, and equipment stress so that your pool can operate at peak performance.

Feature Installation

Hoping to add an eye-catching water feature to your pool? We’re all about it. Water features provide soothing ambient noise, but more importantly, they improve the overall appearance and value of your backyard oasis.

From LED laminars to stunning waterfalls, we’ve done it all. Explain your dream pool vision, and we’ll work to make it a reality.

Reasons to Renovate Your Pool

Modern, fresh appearance
Increased pool and home value
Energy efficiency
Improved functionality
Better safety standards
Reduced maintenance requirements
Swimming Pool
Custom Pool

About Great Escapes
Custom Pools

Our team of experts comes from all avenues of the pool industry, allowing us to competently and precisely tackle various elements of pool construction. We’ll take every aspect of the process into consideration to ensure you receive a luxurious, valuable end product.

Great Escapes Custom Pools provides customers with a custom design experience, but we also ensure our pools have proper hydraulics, easy maintenance requirements, and durable features. We stand behind our work – and we even provide a two-year warranty on all of our products.

Why Choose Great Escapes Custom Pools?

Years of Experience

Our team has over 50 combined years of pool industry experience. We’ve completed hundreds of pool projects and are skilled at concrete installation, hardscapes, and service work.

Dedication to Your Vision

Great Escapes Custom Pools makes your dream pool a reality by carefully listening to your vision, then translating it into the remodel. In an industry plagued by over-promising and under-delivering, we stay transparent and honest throughout the process.

Efficient, Cost-Effective Services

We only commit to one job at a time – so you can trust that your job will be finished on time and fully supervised by our experts every step of the way. No drawn-out timelines, no wasted money.

Get an Estimate for Your Pool Remodel Today

Pool renovations are a big investment, no matter their size or scale.
To learn about pricing and timelines, schedule a free on-site consultation with our team.
We’ll visit your property to ensure your desired changes are viable based on your current pool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, a complete remodel of a standard pool costs between $30K and $50. However, remodeling prices differ substantially depending on the complexity of the project, the customer’s requests, and material selections.

To obtain an accurate estimate for your pool remodel, contact Great Escapes Custom Pools today. We’ll set up a free consultation.

In Florida, there’s not necessarily a “bad” time to remodel your pool – but if you want your renovations completed by the summer, we recommend beginning construction in the fall or winter.

Additionally, the hotter months are typically busier for pool contractors, as the increased seasonal use generates demand for pool repairs.

Permits are only required if new steel is going to be introduced to the pool, as steel must be structurally approved and properly bonded. If you are planning to add steep to your pool via new steps, sun shelves, or benches (thus changing the layout of the pool), we’ll likely need to pursue a permit.

Most pool remodeling projects take about a month to complete. This gives our team adequate time to drain the pool, demo and strip it of older products, and begin installing the new material.

If the pool remodel does require a permit, we will likely need an additional one to three weeks to obtain approval from the government.


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