Pool Automation

Pool Automation

Pool automation offers a level of convenience and security that is hard to beat. With the help of pool automation, you can easily adjust the temperature, turn on lights and pumps, and even check for chemical balance so you can swim safer while saving energy. Automation also allows for more precise control over your pool environment, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your pool is always at its optimal performance. For homeowners looking for a convenient and secure way to enjoy their swimming pool, automation is definitely worth considering.

Types of Pool Automation

Smart Control Systems

Remote Control via Smartphone

Remote Control via Smartphone

Enjoy the convenience of controlling your pool features and settings remotely through our user-friendly smartphone app.

Voice Activated Pool

Voice-Activated Pool Automation

Experience hands-free control with our voice-activated technology, allowing you to manage various pool functions effortlessly.

Automated Water Chemistry

Resort Pool

pH and Chlorine Level Monitoring

Ensure crystal-clear and well-balanced water by automating pH and chlorine level monitoring and adjustment.

Custom Pool Backyard

Chemical Dispensing Systems

Simplify pool maintenance with our automated chemical dispensing systems. These precisely distribute pool chemicals as needed.

Energy-Efficient Equipment

Variable Speed Pump Pool

Variable Speed Pumps

Save on energy costs and reduce environmental impact by installing our energy-efficient variable speed pumps.

Pool Heaters

Energy-Saving Pool Heaters

Opt for our energy-efficient pool heaters that efficiently warm up your pool while minimizing energy consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Installing energy efficient equipment such as variable speed pumps and properly sized equipment.

Lack of communication as well as overpromising and under delivering from the contractor.

Yes, but you must understand the codes, regulations, and proper construction techniques.

Frequent algae from a depreciated interior, outdated tile and pavers, leaking pool, and loud or expensive operation of pool equipment are only some of the reasons to remodel a pool.

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